Correct Gold Bar Weights

During seven years of research for the book, this was the only source that I found for the accurate bullion weight. I had photographed a Provincial Police letter in the Royal BC Archives that listed the weights but they didn’t add up properly. Human error can be found where you least expect it. Eventually I browsed through all the reports from the Boundary Historical Society as found online. That’s where I found this gem of information. Shortly after the robbery, Chief Constable McMynn in Midway, BC sent a letter to the Spokane, Washington Police Chief in the off chance that someone tried to sell one or three rough bullion bars. By giving the accurate weights, there would have been enough cause to hold a suspect for further questioning. Court records indicate the smallest bar was sold to a jeweller in Seattle. We can then be certain the two lost bars weigh 258 and 272.5 troy ounces respectfully, an impressive 530.5 ounces at 625 fines or per cent purity.

Publishing the book and learning about marketing has left me busy, broke, and staying close to home. I should be camping in Rock Creek canyon and enjoying the health benefits of bonding with nature. Those were great times as I explored and appreciated every moment of it. But age changes the body in so many ways. Get out there and enjoy nature while you can. And carry a copy of my book along to follow the treasure map. Take a selfie at the Bre-X shack and I will set up a venue for that purpose. Be safe.

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Goodreads Giveaway Ends

I am in the process of getting ten copies ready to mail out to the lucky winners. My humble book attracted 1804 entrants for which I am grateful. Only one Canadian was among the winners. The contest was open to Canadian and US residents but there was no way to select five winners in each country. Winners were scattered across the two countries and all women. Thanks ladies. Now guys, put my book on your winter reading list so you can go treasure hunting next year.

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Now an eBook

Chasing Stolen Gold is now offered as an eBook on Amazon. The next step will find it offered to brick and mortar stores and libraries.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Chasing Stolen Gold by Camp McKinney Jimmy

Chasing Stolen Gold

by Camp McKinney Jimmy

Giveaway ends September 21, 2022.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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The Book is on Amazon

Starting August 1, Chasing Stolen Gold went live on It will follow in Canada, the U.K. and other countries over the next week. The “Look Inside” feature is live but only shows up to page 14 with some pages missing. My understanding is this will increase up to 20% but as I have yet to contact a human there, so we shall see. The high price is due to color printing costs and wide distribution. Freight costs are hurting us all. My royalty per book is five dollars and change so please don’t shoot the messenger. My hope is that libraries and brick and mortar stores will take notice. But if you’re looking for a treasure map, there has never been a better time.

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1963 Closure of Camp McKinney Gold Mine

Video by Frank Fleming with permission from Royal BC Museum AAAA2467

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Book Update

If publishing a book seems to take forever for you, it does to me too. I’m trying to give the reader the best possible experience and that means as few errors as possible. A talented lady has designed the interior layout and I am pleased with her progress. We have had much contact in our back and forth exchanges to be error free. 85,000 words and more than 200 pictures takes some effort. To increase the book’s appeal, it’s in 8.5 x 11 inch format with full color except for the old photos. Museums and libraries have allowed me to use many images, for a fee, but again, I think it helps to tell the story. At this point, the book might be available in a week, maybe two. I think it will be worth the wait and look forward to online reviews, well the good ones at least. The maps alone should be worth your hard earned dollars. But whether you venture into the forest or read the story from home, I think most will enjoy the adventure. I sure did.

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Publication of a Memoir

In 2015, I hired an editor to draw up an outline for my adventure to locate the lost gold bars of Camp McKinney. Several years later a ‘blue pencil’ consultation through the Vancouver Public Library added more direction to my confusion of ideas and ramblings. Despite the failings, the second editor appreciated the storyline and my writing voice. Her remarks were great encouragement for me to continue.

The hardest portion of the quest for me was to admit I did not locate the lost gold, pick an ending for the memoir and stick with it. I never expected it to end in anything less than a golden success. Of course, it still can even as I prepare to share my search details in the memoir. Mathew Roderick’s spirit related to me that the treasure was not what I thought. Those words mystified me for years until at last, I realize the real treasure may well be the story itself. It certainly has been for me and with the right words and nearly two hundred photos, maps and illustrations, it can be for the reader too.

The third editor continued the brutal assault on my words and provided an excellent path for me to travel in order to improve the read. I canceled my addictive tv subscription and spent six months using Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly for a great purpose. Two more years passed as I lived my slow-motion writing dream to develop a book worth reading. That same editor is presently hammering my words into still better blends with the results expected soon.

Meanwhile, I continued to uncover images and maps that have been previously unpublished in stories about the gold mine. I have benefits of the electronic age that local authors Barlee, Basque, and Paterson, among others, did not. Libraries on both sides of the border have been able to do likewise and I am blessed with all the information available. While gathering material for the Endnotes, I also hired a talented woman to create the front and back cover. Between us, we are trying to display the right blend of words and images to attract potential readers. The cover will appear here soon, perhaps both versions.

In my writing ignorance, I have learned much and continue to move ever closer to “casting my little book upon the waters” of the marketplace to see if it sinks or provides me with a golden reward. With luck, my old gray matter might remember who quoted the line several hundred years ago. And finally, publish a book. (Sir Francis Bacon).

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Gold Veins in Quartz

Although the quartz sample shown is from Sonoma, California, it shows what hard rock miners were searching for. The quartz samples I have seen from Camp McKinney vary from this specimen. As the Cariboo-Amelia workings went deeper, the quartz vein went from a milky-white color to light blue and occasionally reached an incredible ten feet in width. Gold was unique to certain areas and thieves were often convicted after claiming they had mined their gold in one place only to learn it came from another mine, one where a robbery occurred. The lure of gold was especially strong at a time when it existed as the main currency over paper. In historic BC, the American dollar and British pound were both available, but gold was king.

Marcel Clemens/ Photo
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Dewdney Trail

Trail portion between Hope and Princeton, just off Highway 3. Built by the Royal Engineers, this portion had been widened for wagons.

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My apologies for the long delay in posting. I have been working diligently, for a seventy-year-old, on the story with a plan to self-publish a memoir. The book will be saturated with photos of my ten-year adventure being part treasure map and part spiritual journey. My love of nature shines throughout the quest. The story will be a thorough investigation into where the stolen gold bars have been secured for one hundred and twenty-five years. Stay tuned.

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