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Writing is an interesting art. At times I struggle for the proper words but other times the words flow and the writing occasionally surprises me. I’ve written most of the nonfiction portion of the story that covers from 2012 to the present. Every year will be followed by a fictional account of the principal players who were active in the story before, during and after the gold robbery.

The research options available today are great for uncovering facts and details that add so much to the story. Newspapers alone have greatly benefited me, especially from small towns. Being starved for news in a remote area meant gossip, or unsubstantiated facts, made it to print as well. Some papers even reported who arrived or departed on the stagecoach or train and who stayed at which hotel. The facts I’ve learned have allowed me to build a better, more accurate story and bring the characters alive for the reader. With luck, the talents of a few great librarians might add more.

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The Golden Path

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Slip Sliding Away


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No Crowdfunding

After more thought and review of my Kickstarter campaign, I have decided not to pursue that route for funding. Besides my small group of family and friends, I would have to pursue all the popular websites to reach out to the public. My very limited skills would take more time and effort than I have. My focus is to write the best story I am capable of and recover the gold bars. With luck, other options may occur.

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Preview on Kickstarter

I’ve made the decision to proceed with a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to raise funds to complete this quest.
A preview is available at the site below.


Not yet available; on hold

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1896 and 2020 are identical calendar years. With all the Magick that has occurred in my life, this would be a perfect year to end this long adventure. My sharp accountant agrees. A lack of income over eight years of claimed expenses with no income might force Revenue Canada to reconsider my claims. When this pandemic is over, our government will be squeezing every nickel they can from us. Cover your asses, fellow tax payers, the future could hold some expensive times. This isn’t a complaint as much as a realization. There is no where else I’d rather be during a global crisis than in Canada.

Meanwhile, two gold bars stolen in 1896 are waiting in the forest for me to unearth. But my greatest barrier since retirement has been cash flow. In hopes of making the quest complete, crowdfunding might work. There is much to gain and little to loose. This old hermit will have to step boldly onto the public stage and offer some tempting rewards. I will do my best. Now lets see, Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

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New Writing Direction

After years of writing a manuscript detailing my adventure, I chose a competent editor in Vancouver to read my work. Her thoughtful and intelligent guidance surprised and pleased me. The encouragement offered has further ignited my writing passion and I have returned to the original style I wrote some years ago.

Mathew Roderick and I have much in common. My last partner, a wonderful woman, has much in common with Mary Roderick. And with a little imagination, my daughter Haley could have much in common with Roderick’s daughter Trophy Leona.

Now, to clear up a few program glitches and get on with it. Let the winter rains fall…

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