Weather Delays

Winter was harsh and far too long. Now the interior struggles with flooding from severe thunderstorms and rapid snow melt. It’s been a long while since I left the area of my quest and might be awhile before I return. Nature can’t be taken lightly and since my old body has slowed over these last years, I won’t be rushing too quickly into the forest. The heat of summer isn’t far off and with it the warmer nights. Can’t wait to once more see the starry skies that guard the countryside. Soon.

I had barely finished the above paragraph when another severe thunderstorm watch had been issued for the region. More delay but I’m happier to be at home writing and editing this great story instead of being too close to the powerful roar of excessive creek flow. And those gold bars aren’t going anywhere, yet.


About Jim

Sweet-themed historical fiction circa 1900 is my genre. Prairie life before dandelions, English sparrows and starlings. I spent decades living on the western Canadian prairie, fascinated by realities facing the pioneers, both First Nations people and immigrants. My grandparents met in an area first known as Sweet Valley in southern Alberta. Decades later, Mother nature flirted with me and revealed many of her secrets that I strive to share with my readers.
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