Late Fall

My apologies for the great delay in posting any progress. While the physical progress has been difficult this year, the understanding of how the terrain has changed over the decades has been significant. Part of my difficulty in writing about my progress has been in trying not to divulge too much information.

I believe that I see the target area with the best clarity yet. The area of search has gone from the massive forest zone on the eastern slope of Mount Baldy to the approximate size of my small kitchen. And I don’t say that without good confidence. While smarter men might well have solved this great puzzle quicker than I have, I don’t believe that any have.

Six full years of searching the rugged back-country over seventy-five trips and several hundred days camping in that great paradise have allowed me to fill journals, notebooks and to write a book worth reading. But more than that, the experience for me has been a great journey of personal healing and an awareness of my spirituality embraces the forest.

Winter once more protects the gold bars frozen within nature’s vault.  I had limited searches this year but know I will return, at least once more…



About Jim

Sweet-themed historical fiction circa 1900 is my genre. Prairie life before dandelions, English sparrows and starlings. I spent decades living on the western Canadian prairie, fascinated by realities facing the pioneers, both First Nations people and immigrants. My grandparents met in an area first known as Sweet Valley in southern Alberta. Decades later, Mother nature flirted with me and revealed many of her secrets that I strive to share with my readers.
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